WEGL 2020 Rules Overview

Check-in: There is a 5:30 Shotgun start each Wednesday. You must arrive early enough to check-in and pay in the Golf Shop and be at your cart no later than 5:30. Range balls will be provided to league members on Wednesdays between 4:00 and 5:30.
Tees: Men will play the White tees; Men ages 65+ will play the Silver tees; Ladies will play the Red Tees

Format: Modified Match Play- Your team will be in a prescheduled match against another team in your division. The “A” players on each team will be in a match against one another and the “B” players will be in a match against one another. Teams will play for the possibility of 3 points each week. 1 point for your team can be earned by winning more holes than your opponent in your individual match. If the total number of holes that you and your partner win combined is greater than the total number of holes the other team won then your team will earn an additional point for the week.
Handicaps: The first 3 weeks of match play starting May 6 will be establishing your league handicap. At the conclusion of the 3rd week, after handicaps have been established, the first 3 weeks’ matches will be scored. This is to keep people honest and not sandbag in order to receive a higher handicap. Handicaps will be updated and adjusted weekly so you must mark your scores for all 9 holes as if it was a stroke play event. There will be an 80% Handicap allowance. This means you will be allocated 80% of whatever your established league handicap is.

Scoring: You are responsible for making sure your scores and your opponent’s score are correct for each hole. We play winter rules which means you may improve your lie between the tree lines from tee to green. USGA rules govern all other play. The scorecards will reflect your updated handicap and will be dotted using the 80% handicap allowance. The point totals for the match will be calculated by Manny and you can either call the Golf Shop or view the updated standings at check-in on the following Wednesday.
You must make sure your scorecard gets put in the mailbox located at the cart return area after your match each week.

Substitutes: If you are unable to play your match on any particular week you are responsible for arranging a substitute to play in your spot. Your substitute can use either an established GHIN handicap or establish a handicap with the league. If you are unable to show up for your match then your individual match will be conceded.